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A leedle sample of my most recent work.

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I’m ba-ack!

Why hello, Tumblr. It would appear I’m back. 

I’ve decided to alter the direction of my blog. I’ll still be spotlighting all the things I love, but there will be some changes too:

Up until now i’ve not shown much of my personal doings when it comes to art, design, books and media. Mostly just showing my appreciation for others work (of which I have tonnes and tonnes of, that I still want to show), but I figured there’s no harm in showing a little of the person behind the postings right? Right! 

So stay tuned, but for now here is a link to my Behance page. 

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Irina Troitskaya

Absolutely delectable is one way to describe this darling illustrators work..

I just love those who embrace their own surroundings as a basis for their creativity. Troitskaya’s creations brim with delicate, toothy creatures of big and small, endearing characters dressed for their craft while teetering over luscious Eastern European cityscapes. -  All across a pleasing range of mediums.

Troitskaya was born in the engineering town of Izhevsk, Russia (also birthplace to the AK-47 for those in the know). ‘City of dead ends, sad electronic music and Finno-Ugric cultural roots…’  according to her bio. She now resides in Moscow as a freelance illustrator and tutor. You go girl!


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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t - you’re right.

Henry Ford

Always nostalgic.

Neasden Control Center

I have been a huge fan of Neasden Control Centre for a while now. As a teenager I used to make a B-line for the arts & design section at Waterstones book shop and seek out this publication every time.  The book is heavy, plain and really quite unassuming when sealed. However, when you unravel and turn the pages you’re greeted by incredible colour, texture, typography and pure unadulterated madness.

Neasden Control Centre are a London-based design collective with an ultra impressive repertoire boasting such names as Esquire, Levis, MTV, Nike, Volkswagen, Universal Records to name a few.

click below for more samples of their work.

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Floral Fancies

Look at these divine Meow Oxford’s from Jeffrey Campbell at NeedSupply. Oh what I wouldn’t give to bless my feet with such an adornment.

I’m loving the return of flower-power this season, dainty, dreamy, meadowy prints are perfect for Spring; Oscar de la Renta, Marni, Dior Etro, Channel, and Alberta Ferretti to name just a few are buzzing with petals and vines. Not to mention H&M’s highly attainable Garden Collection.

Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw

I am in awe of these yummy illustrations. Fresh with bursts of Saffron, Capsicum, Bay-leaf and Turmeric. As if the very paints themselves were mixed with rich marketplace spices.

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The future has a way of arriving unannounced.

George Will

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